Friday, January 09, 2009

Benefits of Eating Organic Tip #5

Supporting sustainable agriculture is our best ammunition against the higher cost of organic foods. Prompted by education about the health benefits, more of us are eating organic foods, creating greater demand. Higher sales encourage greater supply, thereby bringing prices down. When supply is greater and sales are increasing, production economies of scale will allow for less labor and packaging cost per item, thereby bringing prices down further. All of this means greater benefits for the long-term health of our Earth.

Organic farms use methods that are healthier for the Earth. You have probably considered the impact of a worsening environment on your children’s children, and the complex problems they will inherit. I think we are all a work in progress when it comes to living green. Certainly I am. But little steps lead to big journeys. Take that first step.

Environmental Leader, The Executive’s Daily Green Briefing, maintains a graph depicting the upswings and downturns of priorities between environmental and economic growth. The interesting thing about this graph is that environmental growth has had a higher priority level since 1985. Currently, priority for the environment is slipping, while not surprisingly, the economy is showing a similar upswing in priority. However, the environment’s priority is still 7 percentage points higher, despite its downturn. An article there on 11/6/08 indicated that Obama’s Presidency may signal good times for sustainable industry.

You can do your part in helping to encourage sustainable agriculture by supporting organic farming. This means more than simply purchasing organic foods; consider all the green options whenever you spend your hard earned dollars. Your spending choices will shape the world you live in. The more of us that choose green businesses, the more green businesses will grow. A healthy Earth and food production system is your only true legacy for your children. Busy moms can unite to make a big statement. Go get ‘em ladies!

Enjoy your journey,

Carrie Boyko
Organic Journey Online

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