Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Benefits of Eating Organic Tip #4

Farming with organic methods is healthier for us, the animals that are raised for meat, and the Earth. Farmers who use these time-tested organic techniques have long known that the Earth is sustained by their special care of it. Farmers who feed pesticide-laden feed to their stock or give hormones and antibiotics to their animals, know that these products end up in our bodies, and then later back in the Earth, continuing the poisonous chain.

Organic beef, pork and poultry farmers do not feed hormones or antibiotics to their animals. These substances accumulate in meat and are passed on to the consumer. Growth hormone treatments are likely a significant cause of the continuous trend toward earlier puberty in our youngsters. Likewise, antibiotics in these same meats and dairy products are at least partially responsible for our growing lack of response to antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics are known to become less effective when overused; therefore, incremental doses in our daily dairy products are contributing to our lack of response to the medication.

Raising beef by organic methods is particularly important due to the longer time to maturity and slaughter, which increases the toxins stored in the meat. The organic feed and organic grazing land means a healthier cut of meat for us.

Because organic farmers are custodians of a healthy Earth, as well as the animals, they have more respect for the comfort and dignity of these animals. To this end, they commonly give their animals a more humane life. Living conditions for organically produced animals generally offer more space to graze, a more natural diet, less confinement, and a more quick and humane slaughter.

Contributing considerably to our Earth’s natural balance, organic farmers help sustain the land that sustains their lives, as well as ours. These are families I choose to support, partly for the good work they do for our health and that of our Earth, and also for what they offer our economy. More on this next week in Tip #5.

Enjoy your journey,

Carrie Boyko
Organic Journey Online

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  1. What a helpful post, and full of great information as to why organic meat is the way to go. So true!