Sunday, December 07, 2008

Benefits of Eating Organic Tip #3

Today, we’re continuing with our series on the benefits of eating organic with Tip #3. These wonderful tips/articles are courtesy of my friend, Carrie Boyko, of Organic Journey Online.

Benefits of Eating Organic Tip #3:

Being a cancer survivor with MS, I have done much research to learn how to eat to support my immune system. I’d like to share a few tidbits on this topic from THE HUNDRED-YEAR LIE, by Randall Fitzgerald.

“What continues to set organic foods clearly apart from foods intentionally doused with chemicals are the nutritional advantages. A study in the Journal of Applied Nutrition analyzed and contrasted the mineral content of conventionally grown versus organically grown [vegetables]. Organic proved far higher in mineral content by these percentages: selenium, 390 percent; magnesium, 138 percent; potassium, 125 percent; chromium, 78 percent; iodine, 73 percent; calcium, 63 percent; zinc, 60 percent; iron, 59 percent.”

A Scottish biochemist, John Paterson, reported that “research studies have shown that soup made from organic vegetables contains six times the levels of salicylic acid found in nonorganic vegetable soup. Salicylic acid is the active anti-inflammatory ingredient in aspirin, and evidence suggests that it can reduce the risk for heart disease and bowel cancer.”

You may have read about a few communities of people whose lifestyles and eating habits have contributed to their longevity. The Hunzas of Pakistan are one of these groups whose members often live beyond the age of 100 in good health. Their farming methods are entirely organic, and birth defects are nearly nonexistent. All of this suggests that their eating habits are responsible for their exceptional health.

Among Fitzgerald’s 9 practical steps you can take to reduce your toxic load (level of accumulated toxins) and therefore increase your chances for continued good health, he suggests choosing organic foods and particularly concentrating on those which “support your liver’s detox functions and produce immune agents in your body to fight infection: broccoli, garlic, spinach, cabbage, sprouts, blueberries, ginger, and curcumin.” If you do nothing more than increase these 8 fruits and vegetables in your diet, you will be doing your long term a tremendous favor.

Enjoy your journey,

Carrie Boyko
Organic Journey Online

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