Sunday, January 13, 2008

GodTube is on the Rise has put a new spin on the acronym WWJD with online Christians asking, “What Would Jesus Download?” It was introduced last year as a video-sharing site that is very similar to the wildly popular, except that it features Christian-themed content only that is very closely monitored. In August 2007, it was identified by ComScore as the fastest growing website on the Internet and is currently attracting approximately 4 million visitors each month.

There are some excellent links to theological debates, inspirational music, comedies, and even cooking shows. I particularly enjoyed the heartwarming video of an adorable little girl reciting Psalm 23, which is one of the site’s most viewed links. Anyone not smiling after watching this must have a heart made of stone.

Although GodTube professes to be non-denominational, the site seems to have a strong Baptist perspective (perhaps because it is managed by Baptist seminary students) and provides some controversial links to videos indicating “Why Pentecostalism is not of God” and declaring “the papacy is not Biblical.”

Overall, I found the site to be a good browsing experience and would feel comfortable with my son and his friends visiting it. Other areas of interest at GodTube are the Virtual Bible (a great resource) and The Prayer Wall where you can light a virtual candle. There are also different ministries and social networking groups you can become part of. Check it out at


  1. Have you seen the upcoming movie from the creators of Supersize Me called What Would Jesus Buy? official website:
    youtube trailer:
    makes you think!
    thanks for the post!

  2. While this film has its merits, its important to note that its not about Christianity – its about anti-commercialism. This is a comedy performance put on by group of activists who I feel cheapen Christianity. And I really hate it when people do that.