Sunday, November 11, 2007

Plan a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

I didn't know it was possible to prepare a big Thanksgiving meal without all of the head-smacking, hand wringing, wanna-kick-somebodys-butt stress that goes along with it. And then I had the pleasure of reading this great article at What's Cooking America. It really simplifies the entire process by providing advance planning strategies, timesaving tips, menus, recipes, guidelines, serving suggestions, and more. Click the article link below and together we can celebrate a happy, stress-free Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Planning from What's Cooking America


  1. Thanks for the great link! I had never heard of brining a turkey before.

    I have even more to be thankful for at Thanksgiving because because my husband loves to cook our holiday meals! He's the lead and we just try to keep up. He even uses an Excel spreadsheet to coordinate the cook times of each dish to take into account one oven, four burners, a warming drawer and a stove top warmer. (He's an engineer, what can I say?) He serves smoked turkey and fills the smoker up with all kinds of meat to freeze. (He says it's just as much effort regardless of how full the smoker is, so why not fill it up?) We always have something new and everything is always soooooo good! Last year, he topped the smoker off with lobster because my sister was a vegetarian. We all loved it so much, she barely got any!

    Thanks again!

  2. Yes you are a lucky lady! We have a smoker, but don't use it often enough. Now I'm thinking we need to drag it out and load it up :)

  3. Jacquelyn Lynn3:54 PM

    I heard about brining for the first time just a week ago, and now it's popping up everywhere. Linens 'n Things has a brining bag to make it easier, so we're going to try that -- as I cook my first turkey in probably 25 years!