Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bubble Away Boredom

Nights are longer and the weather is warmer – and the kids are getting antsy. Alas, summer must be here heralding cries of “I’m bored,” “There is nothing to do,” or “Do we have to go there?” Time to break out the dish soap and conjure up batches of bubble solution!

You can do this by taking 2/3 cup of dish soap (Dawn or Joy seem to work better than most brands); 1 tablespoon of glycerin (available at most grocery and drug stores); and 1 gallon of water. Mix the solution together and let the fun begin!

Look for interesting “wands” the kids can blow through such as a funnel or large slotted spoon. Metal coat hangers and floral wire can be molded into fun shapes. The green mesh baskets that strawberries come in or Styrofoam cups with a hole cut out of the bottom are also handy. Half the fun will be searching for items to be used as bubble wands.

Create bubble “art” by adding a few drops of food coloring to the solution and having the kids catch the bubbles on a sheet of paper; let it dry and wah-la! (Note: this is definitely an outdoor activity because the coloring may cause stains.)


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